Casement windows

A wooden casement window is a type of window that actually predates the Sash Window but has been a long standing favourite for window design ever since. Casement windows are hinged at one side and can open either internally or externally according to preference. They are usually found as a pair of side hinged windows with the left side window hinged to the left and the right side window hinged to the right.

They share the same timber frame and elaborate casement windows have leaded glass to complete their traditional style and look. Casement windows are usually accompanied by exterior wooden shutters which open outward. They are also often operated by a simple crank or lever system in order to open them.

As professional custom joinery manufacturers, we have an intricate knowledge of casement windows and the knowledge required to produce a smooth and effective opening system. All of our wooden casement windows are easy to operate and we can create the perfect design to compliment your existing home. These types of windows can vary in size and whether you need casement windows for a kitchen, living room or commercial building, we can provide a tailor made solution to meet your needs.

If you need your casement windows replaced, we can help duplicate the pre-existing design to suit your home with an elegant and perfectly formed design that will fit easily into your home while keeping the original style of your previous casement windows. Our expert team can handle any casement window joinery project you need, whether you require an existing design duplicated or if you have your own unique design that you want to see developed. Whether you need a modern or traditional look, we can develop wooden casement windows that suit any home or building at an affordable rate.

Casement Windows

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