French Doors

French doors are typically doors that have multiple windows that fill the door both width ways and vertically. These types of doors are great for rooms that overlook the back garden or that need lots of extra light. French doors are a fantastic designer choice to make your home feel lighter and more spacious than it may currently be.

Traditionally, French doors will have been made up of small pieces of glass and wooden mullions which make up the frame of the door windows. Modern exterior French doors tend to be made of double pane glass but decorative grille can be embedded between the panes to create an authentic feel.

Interior French doors do not require the insulation benefits of double glazing but many people prefer this alternative modern method. French doors are usually both wide and tall and come as a set of two doors with a glass panelled archway above them. Some may have more modern influences and be squarer in design. Some people enjoy the benefits and luxury of having multiple sets of French doors along one wall which offers a tremendous amount of additional light and the feeling of spaciousness to a room.

Wood French doors are not limited to exterior use however and many people enjoy them as interior French doors instead. This allows each room to “borrow” some of the light form the next and brightens the house.
We can create high quality solutions for French doors joinery to suit any home, small or large. Whether you want one, two or even three exterior French doors or a variety of interior French doors we can create the perfect bespoke French door solution to meet your needs and the needs of your home. If you have a design in mind we can help make your ideas a reality and tailor make your doors for the perfect luxury home.

French Doors

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