Silding and Bi-Fold Doors

Bi folding doors are incredibly compact and enable easy access between your home and the outside on summer days. At arch joinery, we have developed what we consider to be amongst the very best sliding folding patio doors on the market which are made to measure and installed by experienced tradesmen in order to ensure optimum performance and functionality. Our folding sliding doors are incredibly easy to operate an are an elegant addition to any home or commercial property.

The demand for these sliding folding doors is growing rapidly as homeowners see the advantages of opening up the front of their conservatory or house to take advantage of our warmer climate and provide unobstructed access to the garden and patio.

Extremely useful where space is an issue, the sliding wood door – and bi-fold doors in particular – offer not only a saving of space, but also a unique aesthetic that provides a break from the monotony of regular hinged doors. Bi-fold doors have been in common use for around 30 years now, and although many still remember the early bi-fold doors which had problems with insulation and security, modern bi-fold doors have evolved to such a degree that they now make a viable option even for external doors.

The unique advantage that sliding and bi-fold doors offer over more traditional door styles is the creation of space. When doors are placed in narrow places, for example, it can easily become a nightmare trying to squeeze through a regular hinged, swinging door. When a bi-fold door is placed in these situations, what would ordinarily be a cramped area suddenly opens up, making the space much more comfortable.

Rather than try to find the perfect bi-fold door premade, why not have your doors custom made to match your specific needs? They can be constructed in a range of colours and there are a variety of door styles and opening mechanisms to choose from. You can pick the perfect door style for your home or business, with the right amount of security and insulation, made to fit any opening. Our bespoke sliding and bi-fold doors are made from the highest quality wood and each is painstakingly crafted to the highest standards. Open up the spaces in your home or business and add a touch of elegance with our custom made sliding wood doors and bi-fold doors.

Silding and Bi-Fold  Doors

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